A Whole New Ballgame

Sun RV Resorts’ Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona, has 24 pickleball courts.

Sun RV Resorts’ Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona, has 24 pickleball courts.

Pueblo El Mirage RV & Golf Resort in El Mirage, Arizona, installed its first two pickleball courts six years ago. But so many snowbirds took an interest in pickleball that lines started to develop and Pueblo El Mirage ended up losing some of its snowbirds to competing resorts that had more pickleball courts.
“In all my years working in the RV resort business, I have never seen a sport, other than golf, that is this popular,” said Vickie Jepperson, manager of Pueblo El Mirage RV & Golf Resort, which responded to the competition and built 16 more pickleball courts, which were completed two years ago. Read more at Motorhome.com…

Expanded, improved Marinette Center in Sun City opens Monday

The pickle ball area will feature eight courts under a high vaulted ceiling with open side areas for ventilation. The courts will not be air-conditioned, but the covering is expected to make a difference in players’ comfort, said Sun City Pickleball Club President Dave Sinclair. “In our experience, with covered courts there would be 10-degree temperature difference. (And) you’re not going to have the sun beating down on you,” he said.

There are also 12 outside courts. Read more at YourWestValley.com…

GVR decision is good for GV’s future

If you need a reason to cheer GVR’s decision to build more Pickleball courts, just look at the road into Quail Creek this week. It’s lined with dozens of cars, all belonging to Pickleball players borrowing Quail Creek’s courts as they compete in the Green Valley Senior Games.

In fact, they make up nearly half the competitors in all events this year. Pickleball’s big. And Pickleball’s not going away. More at gvnews.com…

Four Pickleball courts OK’d, but demand is growing

The community will soon have four new Pickleball courts to relieve pent-up demand for more space for the sport. But it’s still a temporary measure while Green Valley Recreation works on a permanent solution.

The new courts, to be added to the three at the East Social Center, were approved Tuesday by the GVR Board of Directors. Together the new courts will take up slightly more space than a regulation tennis court and cost up to $150,000, which will come from GVR’s Initiatives and Innovations Fund. These additions will bring the community total up to 11 courts, including the four at Canoa Ranch. More at gvnews.com…


Sun City set for area’s first covered pickleball courts

Covered courts at Sun CityPickleball – perhaps America’s fastest-growing recreational activity – may be continuing its rise in popularity, but even the most die-hard participant finds play a challenge under the midday heat of Arizona’s summers.

This year, that promises to be less of a problem for Sun City pickleballers. Read more at yourwestvalley.com…